Never use touch with your friends

I finished high school in the fifth year, and last semester was much more relaxed than what I'm used to. Of course, I had another friendly group to entertain me, but to summerize the experience of the 12th grade Chronicle: Part Two, this is what I would call my elementary musical class in a professional band. He just didn' t compare

It felt stronger than I expected. Do you know that one person you always meet with a smile or a wave on the way to the third period? This man no longer exists. Of course, secondary characters in your high school probably never made a bad day, but do you know what? Every time, it would be nice to know they're all right

That's why I need to write about it. Lost contact with school friends sucks, and I'm sure a lot of you are behind your best friends. Fortunately, this problem is not all that is hard to fix-you have many opportunities to contact your friends, and you have to work with them! I am not an expert in social studies, but I firmly believe that it is always worth supporting a good friend at school. There are four things you can do to make sure it happens

Make it a big part of the weekend

When I say "make the maw of the holidays," I don't mean you should hat half a bands of candy while while it's still social- no. You can do it if you want, but that's not what I'm trying to say. I mean, you have to spend a few hours away from family photos and fulfuls of food to meet your friends. Take your coffee, take a stroll in the middle, take the sled to a giant hill or just talk. There's nothing wrong with getting back to the past, so why don't you add "catch up" to your holiday tradition? This is one of the few cases where your entire team will be in the same place, and as in high school, it will not be a permanent one. Save it

Schedule travel to other Campais

Just as I would like to sit in my pajamas and wait for my friends to stay in my house with beer and Chinese reception, there will be times when they can't do it. You know what that means, right? You should go on a trip. Book the weekend off work, go to your appointments and find a set of wheels so you can see it to see your amigo. If you cannot access the family wagon, this is not an excuse; you can make a public transit (not so bad). Who knows? If you go to your friend's school, you just love him and apply it or move it here. You take care of campus and take care of yourself at school while you're in it. You know, all these two birds, one stone ... but they say that it's

Take part in Summer Break

If there's anything in Canada for 20 years, that's fine. I can't stress how much you should enjoy the summer-after everything, there's plenty of room for reunification! Write your friends to organize a day on the beach or even a week on the road. Process life. Stay and change the story until there's a lot of hours. You must have at least some time in the summer to do it. I don't want to be dramatic, but I even spend a minute of your precious summer break equivalent to some form of torture

Visit your high school

Nothing prevents you from returning to the school and the familiar classes. Reuse school production, reunions and sports games as a pretext to stop and catch up with classmates and teachers who have made your teenage years. While older may look like a chapter in your life, with which you will be completely finished, you'll think about it: probably that's how you felt about sleep time. What do you think of the heaps?

Now here, you need people to apply these councils, the initiative and the annoyals! Pick a phone, shoot multiple texts, or keep a huge call to Skype; it's your first step to make sure you and your best school friends never fall

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With the last semester in high school, Leighton separated his time from the dream of the university, and also for his love of writing. He's got a good story, and he's hoping for one day to prove he was a successful and entertaining pillar